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Did you know that if the sun wasn’t so blindingly bright, we’d perceive it as green? Animal's had a hunch, because Ava's been dreaming in neon green for years...

We invite you to partake in our Hyper Color Summer collection, oozing with new patterns, the new EZ Glide wallet, and a radioactive new color…

Cream Neon.

  • Night Safari Zip Wallet
  • Speak it to the Sun Clutch

Welcome Stranger

Step Through

Featured Patterns

Bon Sang

Damn it! Get out of your own way.

Deep Diver

For those who never stop looking. Seekers of the deepest depths. love you.

Night Safari

The night does not sleep. Her air hums with signals from one guardian to another. Keep watch, listen close.

The Wild Side

The Vault is a place of constant change. Inside we keep our rare and special pieces. These items may come and go, and may be offered in different colors or prints than our standard line. All phases of Animal are represented here.

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